Author: coreylhubbard

Impactful Leaders Build Effective Hiring Teams: Are You?

Dear Brave Reader, How are you planning to improve the productivity of your hiring teams? If you have not considered any changes please allow me to present some suggestions. 1. Invest In Team Building Events: Different types of team-building events will develop strong relations and a sense of community within the team.2. Measure Productivity: Human Resource managers should also […]

Six Social Media Posts That Can Get Your Rejected for a Job

When looking for a job, you want your resume to present you at your very best. But what about your social media accounts? In our social media-obsessed world, your image in social media is just as important as your resume. Recruiters today will view your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in their attempt to […]

Six Things to Cut from Your Resume (And Two You Should Add)

Most people spend hours tearing up resumes and sweating over each and every word until the ideal picture of themselves shines through, which, ironically, might only reflect the stylized version of yourself that society wants to see. This is all played out in a much more dramatic fashion for women, who remain a minority in […]