Leadership After A Pandemic

How will your company move forward after the pandemic? Do you have a plan? If not here are some recommendations.

  1. Manage the post-crisis “new normal”

After a crisis has abated, you should expect a “new normal”—new processes, strategies, and culture—to emerge. Adjusting to the new normal both emotionally and cognitively may take a while, but it’s your job to help your team recover and heal. Once the most immediate and challenging aspects of a crisis are under control, think about the kinds of crises that your organization is likely to experience in the future. What should you and your team be doing to prepare? What worked well this time, what not so well? Are there any preventative measures you can put in place to keep a crisis from occurring to begin with? –  Vanessa Bhimanprommachak

  1. Tell an honest lullaby.

Leaders emphasize the importance of truth, transparency and hope and speak from authentic optimism that inspires aligned action.

It is important to communicate what is known, acknowledge what was unknowable or unknown and address challenges realistically. Champion the critical importance of regular and increased communication while always ensuring that communication is thoughtful and purposeful. When trying to think about the best thing to tell your employees, make sure to: 

• Practice saying, “I don’t know, let’s look for a way to find out” and “No hiding bad news.”

• Know that by trusting your people with the truth, you will be perceived as more trustworthy. – Joseph Michelli

  1. Encourage your workforce to come up with better ways of working.

Employees and front-line managers often have the clearest insights about the tools, technology, policies, and procedures that aren’t helpful. Now is a good time to streamline processes and remove hassles. Doing so will increase efficiency and probably boost employee engagement as well. Consider efficiency-focused interventions—many of which can be deployed virtually—like GE Workouts, hackathons, and triz. –Patrick Hyland, PhD  & Adam Pressman 

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