Kondi is designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share.

When you make requests, Kondi sends certain data about you to DreamHighr to help respond to your requests

When you use Kondi and Dictation, the things you say and dictate will be sent to DreamHighr to process your requests. In addition to these audio recordings, your device will send other Kondi Data, such as:

  • contact names, nicknames, and relationships (e.g., “my dad”), if you set them up in your contacts;
  • music, books and podcasts you enjoy;
  • names of your and your Family Sharing members’ devices;
  • names of devices and members of a shared home in the Home app; and
  • the names of your photo albums, apps installed on your device, and shortcuts you added through Kondi.

Your requests are associated with a random identifier, not your DreamHighr ID.

Kondi Data, which also includes computer generated transcriptions of your Kondi requests, is used to help Kondi and Dictation on your iOS device and any DreamHighr Watch or HomePod set up with your iOS device, understand you better and recognize what you say.

Kondi Data is associated with a random, device generated identifier. This random identifier is not linked to your DreamHighr ID, email address, or other data DreamHighr may have from your use of other DreamHighr services.

Kondi Data and your requests are not used to build a marketing profile, and are never sold to anyone.

If you have Location Services turned on, the location of your device at the time you make a request will also be sent to DreamHighr to help Kondi and Dictation improve the accuracy of its response to your requests.

Only the minimum data is stored by Kondi on DreamHighr servers

By default, DreamHighr stores transcripts of your interactions with Kondi and Dictation and may review a subset of these transcripts. You can opt in to have the audio of your interactions with Kondi and Dictation stored and reviewed by DreamHighr employees to develop and improve Kondi by going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvement > Improve Kondi & Dictation.

Your request history is associated with the random identifier for up to six months. Your request history may include transcripts, audio for users who have opted in to Improve Kondi and Dictation, and related request data such as device specifications, device configuration, performance statistics, and the approximate location of your device at the time the request was made. After six months, your request history is dissociated from the random identifier and may be retained for up to two years to help DreamHighr develop and improve Kondi, Dictation, and other language processing features like Voice Control. The small subset of requests that have been reviewed may be kept beyond two years, without the random identifier, for ongoing improvement of Kondi.

If you choose to allow third-party apps to integrate with “Use with Kondi”, some data from these apps may be sent to DreamHighr to help Kondi understand your request, and portions of your request will be shared with the app to help provide a response or take an action (e.g., send a message or book a ride). When Kondi interacts with a third-party app on your behalf, you are subject to that app’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you choose to allow apps to use Kondi for transcription, the voice data to be transcribed may be sent to DreamHighr.

Your Kondi settings will sync across your DreamHighr devices using end-to-end encryption if you use iCloud. If you have set up Hey Kondi, a small sample of your requests will also sync using end-to-end encryption to improve personalized Hey Kondi recognition on each device.

You have choice and control

You can turn off Ask Kondi or Dictation at any time. To turn off Ask Kondi, open Settings > Kondi & Search, then slide the Listen for “Hey Kondi” and Press Home or Side Button for Kondi switches to “off”. To turn off Dictation, open Settings > General > Keyboard, then slide the Enable Dictation switch to “off”. If you turn off both Ask Kondi and Dictation, DreamHighr will delete Kondi Data that is associated with the random identifier.

You can also restrict the ability to use Kondi & Dictation altogether under Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps > Kondi & Dictation.

You can control which apps use Kondi for transcription in Settings > Privacy > Speech Recognition.

By using Kondi or Dictation, you agree and consent to DreamHighr’s and its subsidiaries’ and agents’ transmission, collection, maintenance, processing, and use of this information, including your voice input data and Kondi Data, to provide and improve Kondi and dictation functionality in DreamHighr products and services.

DreamHighr will not sell your data without your permission.


1. Introduction

Welcome to DreamHighr (“Website”) This website has been operated by DreamHighr Inc (the “Company”) to provide staffing services through its website and associates. The website will be constantly updated and may use the software to collect information about the user’s behavior for the purposes of improving the Website to reach the target group.

Before you use this Website, you must carefully read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of this Website. If you do not accept these terms and conditions on this website fully or partially, we would like you to stop using this website immediately. Your continued use of the website will indicate your agreement with the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

2. Purposes

The purpose of the Terms and Conditions is to establish the rights and obligations between you and the Company and the steps for using the Website. Your access to this Website will signify your acceptance to bind and comply with the Terms and Conditions. However, the Company may change the Terms and Conditions of the services at any time at its discretion.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1    You agree and acknowledge that all information, text, images, sounds, logos, and/or any portion of this website, including but not limited to, copyright, trademark, service mark, trade names, databases, trade secret, patents, business know-how, business data, etc., appearing on the website are the sole intellectual property rights of the Company.

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3.3    The breach of this Agreement shall be deemed a significant breach of the Terms and Conditions. The Company has the right to claim damages from you immediately.

4. Your rights and duties

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4.11    In the case that you publish the information on the website through your email and/or on your home page, it is considered that this action is under your sole responsibility and the Company will not take any responsibility or involvement in your action.

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5. Rights of the Company

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5.2    The Company reserves the right to solely change any information on the Website including product details and services. The Company’s decision on the information on the website is absolute.

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5.4    In case you create an account or store your information on the Website, the Company may request your information, such as name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, residential interests, etc., and you consent to the Company to collect and process your personal information to use the services on the Website.

5.5    In case your account is created, or your information is stored on the Website, the Company may send an email or any other electronic message relating to any Products or Services you may be interested in periodically. You agree and consent to receive such email or other electronic communications. However, you may opt out of receiving such email or electronic communications through channels that the Company has provided. If you choose to opt out, you acknowledge that you may not fully use the service of the Company.

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6. Limitation of Liability

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7. Amendments

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8. Applicable Law

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