Six Social Media Posts That Can Get Your Rejected for a Job

When looking for a job, you want your resume to present you at your very best. But what about your social media accounts? In our social media-obsessed world, your image in social media is just as important as your resume. Recruiters today will view your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in their attempt to get to know you better. Your social media accounts are extensions of yourself and if they like what they see, they’ll most likely call you for an interview. While it seems easy to maintain a respectable image on social media, it’s also easy to make mistakes that can jeopardize your job search. 

Here are six social media posts that you should avoid while looking for a job:   

  1. Post inappropriate comments, pictures, and videos

The general rule is, do not post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. I’m talking about nude and semi-nude photos, sexy videos, inappropriate angry outbursts, comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity, etc. Be responsible because your image is on the line and your future employer is watching.

  1. Post nothing 

It’s a bad sign if employers can’t find you online or if you’re not posting anything online. It suggests that you’re hiding something or you’re a terribly boring person who has nothing to show. The solution is to start posting. Post a picture of your cat or even the beautiful view outside your window is a great start. The key is to appear active online.

  1. Post everything about your life

On the flip side, employers also don’t want anyone who posts all their private thoughts by the minute or hour. A little privacy helps. Posting constant status updates on Facebook is annoying not just for some of your friends but for prospective employers as well. Oversharing is worrisome because prospective employers may see you as someone who has the propensity to share confidential information.

  1. Post any disparaging comment about your previous employer

Bad-mouthing a former boss can turn off future employers. It shows bad judgment and says so much about your character. Employers prefer people who can make good decisions. Remember that it’s important to be aware of your own emotional response not just in the outside world but in social media as well.

  1. Post a picture of yourself drunk or doing drugs

You might think it’s cool or even funny for your friends to see you drunk or enjoying recreational drugs, potential employers will most likely reject you. Although a few snapshots of you in intoxicated condition certainly don’t mean that you won’t be a good employee, employers would rather stay on the safe side and look for an applicant who strikes them as someone responsible, self-disciplined, and conscientious. 

  1. Post any politically incorrect statements

Any statement that is disrespectful or objectionable to a particular group of people should be avoided. These include racist, bigoted, homophobic, and sexist statements, biases against religion, and other discriminatory comments. 

Corey Hubbard
Corey Hubbard


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